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Why it's time to take inspiration from nature...

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

This has certainly been a testing year, and these are testing times without a doubt. The global pandemic has affected us all in different ways. One day there is one rule, and seemingly the next day that rule can be completely obsolete, with a new one in its place. Below, I want to explore why it’s time to take inspiration from nature… because that is how we can learn to adapt and cope in these ongoing confusing times.

How adaptable are you?

Never have we had to be so adaptable, adaptable in all areas of our lives. From our family life, to work, social lives, enjoying hobbies and interests, going on holiday, to the shops and our health. It has ALL changed. Within it’s changing, it has required us to change also.

How adaptable are you? Have you found yourself up against the tide… struggling to swim against the current of change, or have you allowed your life to flow with the changes Covid has brought upon your life?

Nature has inspired me…

Whilst out walking the dog this week, on a particularly wild and windy day, I looked up at the trees. They never cease to amaze me with how they can be so incredibly tall and imposing, yet so flexible.

The trees were all swaying and moving in the wind, looking quite beautiful. Their roots were strongly grounded into the Earth, yet they were able to move, and sway. They were actually incredibly flexible.

Except in a few cases, trees usually withstand whatever weather is thrown at them. They are amazingly flexible and adaptable. After all, if they did not have this ability, they would just snap and break.

It made me think about how in these unprecedented times that we are all experiencing, how we need to be as much like trees as possible.

How can we draw inspiration from the trees and learn to adapt to what life throws at us?

If we can learn to stay grounded like trees, then we can learn to adapt and cope better in difficult times. We need a firm grounding, which is already within us, but with the ability to adapt, sway and move in the change.

It’s very easy to become rigid and lose our sense of flow when faced with change. Extreme change is something we are all currently facing, but you know, the more we can bend, move and be flexible, the more we will grow strong and remain upright, like the trees I saw on that inspiring walk.

The trees I saw were grounding for me. Standing tall, strong, ready to withstand whatever weather is thrown at them. I never imagined learning a lot about life from a tree, but you know, perhaps today they have taught me just the lesson I needed.

What can you do now?

Try not to resist change, like the trees, learn to bend and sway. Take a deep breath and stand tall. Like the trees draw strength from the roots and ground beneath them, draw strength from your inner belief and confidence and your loved ones around you.

The more you resist change, unfortunately the harder it becomes. Now, more than ever, it is important to take inspiration from nature and the trees.

If you would like to get in touch about self-limiting beliefs and how I can help you to overcome them, get in touch today.

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